Sunday 17 May 2015

Day 23 - Psycho

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

The only thing I really knew about this movie was the famous scene with the music and the knife with the girl in the shower, and that it was an old movie. I do NOT like scary movies and avoid them whenever possible. This is primarily because I've encountered demons in real life so when I see them portrayed in movies, it's just too real... But I knew this one was older so I went into this one assuming it was going to be ridiculous and not very scary.

I was mostly correct with the not being scary part. There was one time I jumped simply because the killer jumped out unexpectedly but someone expectedly, but that was really it. And I was also generally right about the ridiculous nature of it. As I had anticipated, there were a lot of moments in which I had to say, "Why didn't he/she/they just....?" But that's most horror movies in general. If people did smarter things, the movies would be significantly shorter.

What I had not expected that allowed me to get into it and really enjoy it was the mystery. I spent most of the movie going back and forth and trying to guess at what was going on. Was his mother really still alive? Was she really the killer? If so, was she the real killer and how were these people not able to fend themselves off from a feeble old woman? If she was dead, who was he heard talking to more than once? Who did he carry to the cellar? And who was buried in her grave? How did she die? Who was seen in the window and with gray hair murdering people?

As per usual, I went back and forth as I explored the many options that could be the truth. I had been leaning toward her being dead until it shows him carrying her, but then I still wasn't sure until everything was explained at the end. I don't know a ton about psychology and multi-personality disorder, but I do know that it wasn't completely accurate because the real person can't have conversations with the splits. They don't even know they exist nor do they know anything about them.

Overall, it was a good movie, and I highly recommend it to whoever wants to see a solid mystery.... Even though I already solved the mystery for you.... Sorry, but I can't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, here's the Amazon link for it:

Random thought after watching this movie: First of all, if you're carrying around $40,000 you should really not just have it casually tucked in your purse. And if you're super nervous about being caught after having stolen said cash, you should probably try relaxing a little and not act so suspicious. Also, if you've just murdered someone and there's proof that she stayed in your hotel, you should probably just be upfront and tell the truth up until the part where you murdered her. Just change that part of the story to "she left early in the morning." Seriously, though, some people are just really bad at bad. As a friend of mine always says "If you're going to be bad, at least be good at it."

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