Thursday 23 April 2015

Day 1 - Shutter Island

Well, Day 1 also ushered in Movie 1 of the challenge with Shutter Island.

It was one of those movies that I thought I didn't want to see because I was under the impression that it was a horror movie, and I'm not generally a big fan of horror flicks.... When you've met demons in real life, movie demons are even more terrifying because you know it's not all fiction. Anyway, I thought Shutter Island was one of those movies.

Although it had a couple moments near the beginning where I thought it was looking like it might be one of those, it was still super interesting and definitely pulled both D and I in.... Even though she fell asleep at some point and I had to fill her in.... She does that a lot.

The movie was filled with fun plot twists and there was always another piece of the puzzle to try to solve. We made tons of predictions throughout the film, some of which were correct and others that proved to be untrue. In case you haven't seen it and are planning on watching it, I won't give anything away, but D guessed correctly the main plot point, and I correctly figured out who was Dr. Shehan.

Because I now know how it all works out and how everyone is connected, I kind of want to watch it again.... But maybe after the challenge, because I can't afford to waste time rewatching things!

Random thought after watching this movie: Sometimes I kind of wish I was insane. It seems like it would be nice to live in a different reality and not have any responsibilities. Also, sometimes I think I am a little insane (maybe more than a little) and maybe that's what makes the sane world feel so heavy at times. I haven't had anything truly traumatic happen to me, but I totally understand why people who have experienced terrible tragedies do snap. Insanity is a welcome escape from pain.

You can find the movie on Amazon. Also, it's apparently a book, too! (Which I now want to read....)

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