Monday 27 April 2015

Day 4 - Kill Bill: Volume 1

Our original plan was to watch the second Godfather movie next, but then we had an unexpected evening off, but by the time we decided to do a movie night, it was pretty late, so we went with something a little shorter.

Kill Bill was.... weird. And bloody. But mostly just weird. It was definitely a movie I never planned on watching because I knew it was going to be bloody and I'm not really a big fan of gore. As I had expected, there was quite a bit of it in there. Some of the fight scenes were pretty cool, but there was too much bloodshed for my liking.

The plot was pretty good. A woman who used to be a member of an elite group of assassins has everything taken from her and so she decides to get her revenge by killing everyone who killed the people she loved. While she's driven by anger and vengeance, she doesn't seem to have a lot of emotions other than those, and even those are barely evident. It kind of makes it hard to really feel for her, which kind of reduces it to a bloodbath.

Anyway, here is the link on Amazon:

Random thought after watching this movie: I could never be an assassin for so many reasons. And I could never even take revenge on people if they did hurt me. The thing is, I feel too much what other people feel, so when I (emotionally) hurt other people, I feel their pain as though it was mine. For that reason, I really can't have revenge when I am hurt because hurting the other person would only bring more pain. On that note, revenge really does no good. It only destroys another person and instead of one hurting person, you have two. And since hurting people hurt people, it just perpetuates the cycle of pain that's already in the world. It's better to forgive, because then you can release yourself from the pain and you cut them off from being able to have an effect on your emotions anymore.

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